Sunday, September 15, 2013


UPDATE 4/2014:  Have you seen the latest, relentless, almost plaintive cry of the IDIOT Mary Cummins, Cummins Real Estate Appraisals, Cummins Real Estate Services, Animal Advocates?  If not, sit down because you will only fall down with laughter.  Yet again she is bringing up her obviously lopsided and possibly discount bought boobies.  Bless all the ladies out there who have chosen to enhance their appearance but it is just annoying that Scum-dum Cummins is constantly posting them on line and making the statement that they are natural.  Consequently, the subject of her (dare I say breasts because they could be flesh colored balloons) boobies is ONLY being addressed because of Mary Cummins' flagrant abuse of the truth.

Mary Cummins says:  "The reason you cannot see my breasts in the first picture is because an arm is covering them." 

Really, I must have missed that so let's take another look together:

I told you Mary Cummins has a problem with telling the truth.  Now watch her claim that Amanda Lollar made these statements!  LOL.  You remember Lollar, the world renowned bat expert, lecturer, author and all around good gal; the one Cummins owes nearly $7 million dollars for her "egregious as well as malicious as well as intentional defamation" of Amanda Lollar.  Hey, whatever as I will take being compared to the admirable accomplishments of Ms. Lollar any day of the week.  Talk to you soon.......


Original post from 9/15/13:

Now understand that there is nothing wrong with modifying ones looks.  That is an individual choice.  However, when someone, er, Mary Dumbin’ Cummins’ constantly proclaims how honest she is because that is the way her Granny raised her (remember, the elderly woman from whom Cummins tried to embezzle millions while she was dying?), and then the same Dumbin’ Cummins takes multiple pictures of her large breasts, er, her ‘naturally’ large breasts, you just have to discuss the renowned idiot liar and expose her for what she is.  Not only is Mary Cummins of Cummins Real Estate Services, stupid but she is ignorant to the 10th degree.  If you want to lie about your ‘natural’ beauty, do not post pictures of you when you were in your early twenties and FLAT chested, then post current pictures where you are large breasted.


Aside from the Branch Cumminians,  who are basically dim-witted like Mary Cummins, no one would believe the extent of her lies.  You do not have to be of genius or even sleuth level to spot them because her lies are that obvious.  Truth is Mary Cummins, because she is mentally and emotionally challenged, is a very poor liar.  She contradicts herself in her blogs, in her websites, in court (read the records), and well just about everywhere.  

The more the Bat WorldSanctuary elite team drive her into the ground in court, the more exaggerated are her lies.  Problem is, she cannot keep up with them and hence the nickname, Dumbin’ Cummins.  I would not be surprised if Granny did not off herself just to get away from her evil clutches.  Pathetic. 

Hey, did you see her latest blog where she goes on for pages to try and explain her failed relationship with Edward Katz International Hair Company?  According to Mary Cummins she invented hair, shampoo, glue, factories and is even a good buddy of actor, Burt Reynolds.  She claims she worked with him for years.  Yet, Mary Cummins who takes her picture with anyone, anywhere, even while driving down the highway (I said she was nicknamed Dumbin’) does not have a picture with Mr. Reynolds.  INSTEAD, to prove she is a good friend of Burt Reynolds, Mary Cummins has a picture posted of her standing approximately 100 yards in front of his theater in Jupiter, Florida!  LOL.  OMG, we do not have to work to make Mary Cummins look ridiculous, she does it for us.



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